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This document is your calendar. Increasingly hectic lifestyles require more and more scheduling and time management. An online calendar is an intelligent way of keeping track of upcoming events, meetings, and appointments for yourself as well as letting others know about special happenings. For example, if you are a sports fan, a listing of your favourite team's schedule is useful not only for you, but for other sports fans on the Internet. Make sure to decide what kind of calendar you want: if it is a personal use calendar with detailed reminders about meetings, you might not want that on a web page that web users can see.


Wednesday, May 28

8:30 am Meeting with Pat at work
12:30 pm Lunch with Les
5:00 pm Softball practice


Upcoming concerts

date band where
May 28 The Rolling Stones Vancouver, B.C.
May 30 Ashley MacIsaac Seattle, Washington
June 2 Rush Toronto, On.

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